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A GPS device

stephen1205 0 Points
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If I buy a Gps device,is it better to u se than smartphone gps,does it need data charge also and updating maps to locate my position?


  • sussamb 798 Points
    Without knowing how you intend to use it I can't say if it's 'better' than a smartphone, but a GPS device doesn't need a data plan to work.

    As for maps, a GPS will have maps loaded to it. Some come with just a simple basemap, others have detailed road or topo maps. On many you can also install free open street maps.
  • to answer your question

    Cell carrier, you have if not unlimited data plan, you will be charged over your limit.

    gps nav2 uses your data plan, it connects via online, and keeps you constantly updated. warns you of speed/red light cameras, traffic, you have the power to let others know, and input and correct the map, so on.

    With GPS's you will also have to pay for services for example tomom started ou a year plus ago, giving a 2 year fre activation to use live hd.

    The choice is up to you. I always have a back up plan. And I can care less about traffic, you can never get away from it, as it cannot be avoided, or guessed when it will pop up.

    You can buy the gps that has all the bells and whistles, and it will work, you do not need to activate it it is AN OPTION
  • I still got a question ,if my smartphone have a built in gps,is it just like a normal standalone gps device? TQ
  • sussamb 798 Points
    If you mean will it show your location like a GPSr then yes.
  • The phone doesn't have maps stored internally like a standalone GPS receiver, although there are apps you can buy which will do that. The maps are downloaded as you travel or move the map on the screen, which is why they need a data connection and may incur charges if your plan has low limits on downloading.

    A standalone GPS unit has the map data stored internally, so no data connections are needed. The exception would be those units that can show traffic and weather, and those are services you would subscribe to. The GPS itself works right out of the box, nothing to subscribe to or register for.

    The downside of standalone internal maps is that you have to buy updates periodically. As roads get built or moved or improved, your map data gets stale. Online maps such as those used by smartphones are kept up to date by the service providing the maps, such as Google or whoever.
  • sussamb 798 Points
    There are also numerous free apps (at least in the UK) that will download (and store) maps to the phone so no data connection is necessary :wink:

    Fact is a suitably configured phone can be made to act similarly to a stand alone GPS, which I think was the point of the OPs last question :?
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