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2595 no English Male Voice (street name announce)

Went to Costco got replacement for my often crashed 2595. After getting the latest firmware/map update, the new unit no longer has Male English Street Name announce anymore. Got Jill or Michelle only.


  • sussamb 764 Points
    Run webupdater or Garmin Express and you'll be offered any extra voices available for your nuvi.
  • pltvu 0 Points
    I can't find any "text-to-speech" street name male voice, only direction voice.
  • sussamb 764 Points
    Did you try webupdater and/or Garmin Express? Note that voices in webupdater are offered after you are told your software is up to date, so don't cancel out just step through until the end, and in Express they are under Device, Advanced.

    If no voices were offered to you then they should be installed. Have a look in the Voice folder on your nuvi, you can spot the TTS voices as they are far larger (10 times plus) than the non TTS voices. Are they showing there?

    If they are and they are not showing when you select Settings>Language>Voice language then I'd try a hard reset.

    If they are installed and still not showing after a hard reset then I think you will need to call Garmin CS, or return again to Costco :cry:
  • pltvu 0 Points
    Got male (Jack) voice Speaks Street Names. Thank you.
    AFTER software update completed (reboot, re-connect), click "option" under the up-to-date icon to load your male voice (Jack) or other voices.
  • sussamb 764 Points
    Great, perseverance paid off :)
  • Molly 0 Points
    I was having the same issues installing the male voice, but through the thread was finally able to get Jack's voice installed! You saved the 2595 from being returned! Thank you!
  • dvikib 0 Points
    sussamb - Thanks so much for your help!
    I got my Nuvi 2595 for Christmas but was still using
    my old Garmin that had no traffic info. I just started using the 2595.
    When I found only female voices, I was upset especially since I couldn't
    return the unit. I wanted my (British) Daniel and now I've got him back.
    You are a lifesaver!!! (Even though I'm American, I prefer your British
  • ros2004 0 Points
    Thanks everyone for the tips here.

    I had upgraded from 660 to 2595 and was concerned that Daniel wasn't there anymore - in fact, only the two voices.

    I initially couldn't find the voices, even after updating. Under "Voices" in the updater, I could only find Homer Simpson.

    You have to go to the Advanced Options.
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