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"I need help" magellan backup camera

hal 0 Points
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Magmellan 1700 Backup Camera, the backup camera i purchased from china has a 2.5 mm and a micro usb jack to connect to my gps, i tried a 3 ring wire adapter 2.5 mm female to 3.5 mm male, no camera, when i pluged the two into my gps the picture got real dim, is there an adapter that would work, i am not an electronic person, can you explane in simple terms, :cry: PLEASE HELP


  • alanb 419 Points
    You might find this thread helpful:
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    Thanks for that link Alan. I have a Roadmate 1700 also but never use it anymore. I was unable to get the video to work properly and saw a thread someplace where people blamed it on the unit firmware. But this is interesting - will have to dig out the soldering iron, maybe I can get some use out of the 1700 as a video monitor. :)
    Here is the “secret” – The 3.5 plug to the 1700 has 4 connections. A common (also known as a “ground”), video, right audio, and left audio. – For the 1700 Magellan, the receptacle (female) socket has the COMMON contact ring as 3rd from the tip (counting the tip). Most 4 contact 3.5 plugs use the 4th contact from the tip as the “common”
  • hal 0 Points
    can i buy the yellow rca jack at radio shack? and no wire colors where mentioned, so how do you know what wire goes to the right ring? i was thinking of cutting the 2.5 mm jack off the wire that is attached to the camera receiver and attaching the wires to the new rca 3.5 mm jack
    if that is possable, so i would have to know what wire goes where, right?

    Thanks hal
  • alanb 419 Points
    A continuity tester like they use to test fuses would be the best way to check out which wire connects to which ring. If you don't have one, maybe Radio Shack would test it for you.
  • hal 0 Points
    thank you for responding, the receiver wires are wired to the inside of the receiver, no way to get a continuity reading, they would only be open on one end, the other end of the receiver is a micro usb female jack,

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