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Navigon 7310 Military Exclusive

Navigoner 0 Points
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I purchased a Navigon 7310 a few years ago when I was stationed in Germany. It worked well for us and we enjoyed using it. I have returned to the US and haven't had much of a reason to use the GPS until recently. The box advertised that maps of Europe and US were included but this is not the case. After I re registered the product I realized that I will have to pay for the maps. Has anyone else run into this issue? If so, what should I do? I can include images of the map advertisement.


  • Have you contacted Navigon directly? If everything fails, there are other ways to get US maps.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    Navigon stopped selling their units in the US a number of years ago and they were subsequently purchased by Garmin. Is it even possible to purchase US maps for Navigon today?

    As far as "other ways" to get maps, that sounds like something we can't discuss around here. :wink:
  • definitely not for this forum, however, it seems like a guy had a legitimate problem, with no quick resolution. Maps are interchangeable, so the ones they sell now for mobile devices, should work with PNAs.
  • We are having the exact same problem with the same GPS that we also purchased in Germany. We to too have the box that says it is loaded with US maps, but it is totally worthless now that we are back in the States. Did you ever find a solution, Navigoner?So annoyed that we basically threw away $400 ...
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