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Looking for some smart people........

I have a Japanese model nuvi 203

and I want to take that software/firmware and copy it to a US nuvi 200 if I select all files + hidden files will I be able to convert the 200 into a Japanese version?

I'm assuming the hard drive will hold everything and I will obviously back it all up just in case.

The reason is there are a few options on the Japanese model that I need not just the maps. (telephone search and the ability to search Japanese addresses which isn't the same as the US)

Any thoughts or advice?

Thanks in advance.


  • alanb 419 Points
    No, that will not work. The software that runs on your nuvi is stored in an area of memory that is not user accessible. There are ways to flash different software into a nuvi, such as flashing asian software into a US device. But we don't get into that type of discussion in this forum. You can probably find these methods discussed in a different forum if you do a little googling.
  • Thanks for the response, I was thinking it wouldn't be a simple process. Interestingly I have discovered that the 203 is unable to accept new maps because they are too big but I can load them on an SD drive and have both versions at the same time. Then I just deselected the older version and it works just fine.

    I guess I won't mess with trying to clone it into a Japanese version on the 200, thanks.
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    Nice user name. :lol:

    The nuvi forum at gpspassion is one place where this kind of thing is frequently discussed if you want to get an idea of what's involved. But it can be risky as you can make the device unusable. Unless you are willing to accept the risk, it's probably best not to go down that road though.
  • If I though I had a fair chance at getting it to work I would do it but I don't think the process will be an easy one. I did find the firmware which seems to combine the 203 and 205 series. I'm not against attempting it if I had a reasonable chance of success as I can get more of those small older models on eBay all day long between 20-30 dollars.

    I have noticed on my newer models the software is much more user friendly than the older models. I was considering this because the older models seem fairly primitive in those regards and a failed attempt is just a little bit of a risk.
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