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Navigon Licence Transfer not allowed!

kheemonahs 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Navigon Europe:

I may be naïve but I thought that if you paid £50 for a phone application (which is a lot of money in my book), you would be able to transfer the licence from one phone to another, but no!

In this day of Very Good Free Turn By Turn Navigation Apps, people changing phones and changing from Windows Phone to Android etc, in doing so you would think that if you had paid £50 you would be able to take the Licence from one phone to another, irrespective of it's O/S.

Now before you say this blokes an idiot surely he knows these Apps are not Cross Platform, and Windows Phone Apps do not run on Android phones, yes I do, (30yrs experience with computers + qualifications) but when the SAME program written for BOTH platforms, called the SAME name and does the SAME job, you would think that the company would make sure that after paying £50 once you would not be required to repay every time you changed phones with different o/s's.

Now forgive me if this has been covered before in this forum, but I am a new member and I am wondering if other members think I am being unreasonable in expecting this transfer to be available.

I would expect to be able to ask the manufacturer (and also the beneficiary of most of my £50), to cancel the Licence Number on my Windows Phone and make one available to activate the newly installed Android one.

Now I don't feel this is either impossible nor unreasonable, only one App will ever be owned and active at one time, but Navigon/Garmin think it is!

They expect that if I want to run Navigon Europe (which I paid £50 for) on my new Android phone I should RE-BUY-IT!

Am I alone in thinking/expecting this? javascript:emoticon(':(')javascript:emoticon(':?:')


  • Boyd 2043 Points
    I am not familiar with Android or Windows phone apps, I have an iPhone. With the iPhone, you are able to use you apps on any Apple devices that you own. So you can certainly transfer them to another iPhone.

    But really, a license is like a contract that you agree to when you purchase the app. You need to read all the fine print about the restrictions and ask questions if you don't understand the terms.

    The issue is really very simple then, if you don't like the license, don't buy the app.
  • Tim 1500 Points
    I too am mostly familiar with the iPhone platform and not others. If this question was asked about the iPhone app (why couldn't a Navigon iPhone app purchase be transferred to the Android version if I purchased a new phone) then the answer/blame would be on Apple, not Navigon.

    Apple's developer agreements restrict license transfers like that. While Navigon could technically do it, they couldn't without violating their agreement with Apple.

    Perhaps Android and Microsoft have similar developer restrictions.... would seem likely.
  • Yes, five months down the line from changing iPhone to Nokia 1020(Windows) phone I still have to use my iPhone in the car for my Navigon as the license cannot be transferred. Really frustrating as I would like to sell on the iPhone but cannot due to having a Garmin HUD that requires Navigon to function. And I'm not going to spend another £64.99 on buying an App that I have already purchased.

    Yours frustratingly....
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