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10% Garmin discount codes... forever?

I just purchased a new Garmin GLO - which is a separate story not related to the Nuvi. :) But here's something that might interest Nuvi owners anyway. When you complete the registration process for any Garmin device, you should get a page that says "confirm registration details". Bookmark this page. Now hit the next button.

That takes you to a "thank you" page that includes a code for a 10% discount on maps and accessories. Record this number. Now hit the back button in your browser and repeat. This brings you back to the "thank you" page, but you will now have a new discount code. Repeat as needed, or just use the bookmark you saved in the future. The code is good for 30 days.

I'm not sure, but I'll bet you could even un-register an existing device, then re-register it and also get the discount code. :D
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