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Which NAV app for the iPhone - Magellan, Garmin or Magellan?

dahauss 81 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
I would like to start a discussion about 3 navigation apps for the iPhone and why one is better then the other and what the differences are etc. the 3 apps in question are the latest version of the Garmin app, Navigon app and the Magellan app. I have all 3 loaded on my iPhone 4s and have been playing with them.

The Magellan app is one I do not hear too much about. The graphics are a little old school and it doesn't have the 3d buildings. It has some exit signs some lane assist and a very clear tts voice. Traffic is nice and it works. You get it free when you buy the app. You do need to purchase the phantom alerts if you want them. It include lifetime subscription for speed and red light cameras, mobile speed cameras, schools and railroads, speed bumps, speed traps, dangerous curves and dangerous intersections. I have purchased that and it works really well. It's very easy to read the street names etc while driving. Even when not on a route, you get voice guidance for speed etc. very nice app. Oh .. You can install just the maps you need. One of the nice things is that it has google and Yelp built right in and a few other ways to search. Every thing I was looking for came right up.

The Garmin app takes about 3GB if space when you purchase all the add ons. You also need to install all maps as there isn't choice to install specific states. It's slow to startup. However, it works just like a regular stand alone Garmin GPS. It even has 3d buildings and junction view and lane assist. Streets and other things are kind of hard to read and the map can sometimes be cluttered. The tts voice is nice and clear. Garmin has google and 4 square built in as wel as a bunch of other ways to search.

The Navigon app is now owned by Garmin. I used to own a stand along Nagigon 2100 gps and it was horrible. However, the app is really good. Great Tts, lane assist, junction view, 3d buildings etc. you can install just the maps you want too. Navigon also has googl4 search and 4 square and a few other ways.

So which on is better? Right now it's add to decide. This is why u want to start a discussion and hear what everyone thinks. I started with the garmin app and liked it. The I got the Navigon app and it became my primary app. But, now I am torn between Navigon and the Magellan app.

What are your thoughts?
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