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Garmin Monterra... a connected Android Montana



  • Boyd 1974 Points
    Garmin has a Monterra mini-site here. Slick presentation but it doesn't make me want to buy one... :wink:
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    They just keep moving the goalposts on this device.... GPSCity has moved the ship data to November 22 now.
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    Here's an in-depth review of the Monterra by Dan Townsley with tons of screenshots:
  • I received my Monterra last week. As soon as I get back from holidays, it is going to be returned. I can't believe it reached market in this state. The compass drifts and jitters constantly and the calibration screen never goes past the first prompt. At a dead stop, my speed still reads .5 km/hour and the position cursor spins around like it doesn't know what direction it's facing. In clear and open sky, I can't get a better position fix than 20 meters and it takes minutes to get a satellite lock, whereas my Montana and Nexus 7 can get 3 meters in less than 30 seconds. In fact they can both get a fast satellite lock indoors with just a couple of nearby windows; the Monterra can't even do that even with it's GLONASS support. I went out for a drive this evening with it and even though the track was in auto start mode, no track was recorded. To be fair, maybe the track was paused, but that just points out it's too easy to overlook that. In automobile profile with 'lock on road' enabled, the track on the screen lags on the screen behind the position cursor and moves from side to side and even sometimes thinks you are driving on the next road over from the one you're actually on.

    I don't know whether I just happened to get a defective one, but I've read quite a few reports of others having similar problems.
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    Thanks for sharing your impressions csewell. I keep reading similar negative reports, it sure sounds like they rushed it to market too soon. Beyond that, I get the impression that Android just makes everything more complicated than it should be since other running applications can affect performance and especially battery life (which has been reported as poor). I've also read that map redraw speed and overall responsiveness is poor on the Monterra (slower than the Montana and Oregon 6xx).

    Conceptually, the Monterra was a good idea. But so was the Nuvifone. I wonder if the Monterra will share the same fate? :twisted:
  • I like the android operating system as it allows you to install other GPS utilities and maps besides Garmins. But due to the GPS sensor and compass problems, they don't work properly either. I was really hoping the Monterra would be the 'ultimate' GPS solution for on and off road travel, but right now it's just an excercise in frustration. Perhaps in 6 months or a year it will improve enough for a second look but right now I'll stick with my trusty Montana.
  • werewolf 107 Points
    Monterra looked like a bad idea to me right from when they were first supposed to start selling it, about six months ago. Even the name is bad. Sounds almost the same as Montana.
  • werewolf 107 Points
    Monterra means a traditional Spanish hat like those worn by bullfighters. What does that have to do with GPS?
  • sussamb 798 Points
    What does Montana? Or Oregon? :lol:
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    Montana and Oregon are real places. Monterra only exists in Garmin's mind. :twisted:
  • Monterra is terrible. DO NOT BUY THIS GPS UNIT.
    Preloaded the locations of a bore-field and power poles for a project...1hour later...learned 5 work arounds to make this happen. Once in the field and heading to the first location to drive a stakes in the ground, Monterra crashes and losses the data for all waypoints. Travelled for another 45mins back to the office to pick up another GPS unit, went out forgot the hammer for the stakes. Remembered the Monterra in the back of the ute, it drove the stakes in nicely! FYI Monterras' have low impact resistance. Returned under warranty, the product did not do what it claimed to do, failed to operate as a GPS unit.
    Good luck if you persevere with its beta test group firmware. This is a premium priced product that failed to deliver any worth while results.
  • ddabcd277 47 Points

    I have two questions:
    1. Where are the text files in Monterra and how they can be accessed?
    2. How it can be set in Demo mode?
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