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Map not loading

I am having a problem loading a new Map into my Garmin GPS.
The model is nuLink!2320 and the map is a genuine Garmin City Navigator Europe NT Italy & Greece on a micro SD Card.
The Map does not appear in 'My Maps'. when the card is plugged into the GPS.
I have contacted Garmin, they suggested a 'Master Reset' followed by a Software update and also loading 'Base Camp'. This did not fix the problem and the Map did not appear in Base Camp. They also requested a a copy of the Files on the card, I am still waiting for a response !
If anyone has come across this problem and knows the solution. I would be most grateful to hear from them. :(


  • sussamb 764 Points
    If it's a genuine map and doesn't appear in My Maps then I suspect either the card is faulty or there is a hardware fault in your GPS. I'm assuming here that it was supplied by Garmin or an authorised distributor on the sd card?

    If the map wasn't supplied on the sd card then post how you got the card/installed the map?
  • topper 0 Points
    Thanks for your reply.
    The card was bought from Amazon. It is a Genuine Garmin Card in a an Authentic Garmin Accessory Package on a MicroSD/SDCard.
    There are 3 Files on the Card
    GMAPSUPP.IMG 365,336KB
    The micro SD Card was inserted into the appropriate port on the Garmin, but it did not appear in 'My Maps' Folder on the GPS.
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    It sounds like Garmin is already working on a solution for you. From what you've said, you have done all the right things.

    One thing does come to mind however. There were problems reported with using multiple maps on the Nuvi 2300 series. I don't know if this has been corrected in the newer firmware versions. See:
    POPEJ wrote:

    Does Garmin support multiple maps in nuvi?

    Recent software update for nuvi 23xx has made map selection in nuvi ineffective.
  • popej 57 Points
    This bug is fortunately already corrected and it didn't prevent maps from appearing in menu.

    No map can means damaged gmapsupp.img, bad contact between SD and nuvi socket or misplaced files on SD, they should be in \Garmin directory.

    Topo map or BlueChart could be simply ignored by nuvi. City Navigator on SD can be ignored too, if you already have the same version in internal memory of nuvi.
  • willyboy 68 Points
    The SD card is being reconized because you can see the three files on the card, maybe give this a try.

    In the maps info screen, uncheck your Uk\Ireland map, reboot and see if the Italy\Greece map now appears. If it does then we can assume it has something to do with the firmware not recognizing the map.
    Don't forget to put a check back on the UK\Ireland map after the test.

    If it doesn't appear, as popej indicated, gmapsupp.img may be corrupt.
    If you know somebody with a different model Nuvi try it in another unit to see if it's recognized.
  • Boyd 1853 Points
    Aren't these maps all part of the full EU map? If they have the same internal ID number, the Nuvi may group them together such that they won't appear as separate items.

    Have you dragged the map to Greece or Italy and zoomed in? Is the map actually showing perhaps?
  • willyboy 68 Points
    Aren't these maps all part of the full EU map? If they have the same internal ID number, the Nuvi may group them together such that they won't appear as separate items.
    According to the Garmin site for the nulink 2320 "
    ◦Preloaded street-level mapping for the UK and Ireland

    I wouldn't think they would have the same ID# as the Full Europe map.

    I first thought perhaps his map would have double coverage of an area, but after discovering the map that came with the 2320 was only UK & Ireland that ruled that theory out.
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