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Basecamp to finally support the trip planner?

I have not tried this myself, but it looks like version 4.2 of Basecamp will support the Trip Planner.

Added Trip Planner (work-in-progress)
-adds easy way to create trips
-create trips over several days
-round trip support
-printing trips
-add destinations along the route
-flying support (airport and flight look-up)
-time zone support
Added support for different route profiles for different legs of a route


But evidently there were problems and Garmin has pulled the beta.

It's not clear to me whether this means that trips can be directly imported/exported from the nuvi though...


  • I have a Nuvi 2475LT and have used Basecamp to create routes and then transfer to my device. Seemingly this only works if you transfer to internal storage (very limited) and not to SD card. I have an 8Gb SD card installed and Nuvi recognises waypoints I transfer to this, accepts Map Updates installed on this and appears to simply not see any routes transferred to this. Makes no sense to me but I can confirm, that with this limitation, Basecamp works as a trip planner.
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