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A New GPS navigator for Bicycle

lorraine 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Discussions
We are in school student and are doing a marketing assignment now. we need to come up with a new product and make a detail market plan for that product. finally, we chose to develop a fully new cycling GPS for the existing brand of Garmin (it is just for assignment, no other purpose!!). This GPS is fully a new product line and mainly used for transportation purpose and has features as below:
• Laser beam navigation: to guide the rider instead of having to look at the screen which might not be convenient or safe during the ride. The screen also may not be very clear during sunlight
• Traffic Avoidance: Different possible routes to be taken to reach destination and the different traffic on different roads and different times of arrival based on route to be taken.
• Fitness features: heart rate monitoring, calorie burning
• Distance and speed tracking
• Wireless
• Extended battery life

How do you like this product and could you please give us some suggestions? which features do you thin are the most important?Thank you very much!! Your reply is very important to us!! Thanks again!
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