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Data Logger for hiking / general use

Fadelight 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
I'm looking for some recommendations for a simple data logger to use for hiking, photography (geotagging), and general tracking use.

I currently have a Wintec WBT-201 which fits my needs relatively nicely, but the WBT-202 has double the battery life, and it got me thinking... the 201 is pretty old by now, so maybe there is something that better suits my needs.

This is what I am looking for in a new device (within reason, of course)

High battery life
Quick satellite lock (The WBT-201 takes more than 1 minute with warm start, and sometimes more than 5 minutes on cold start.)
Reasonably accurate tracking
(possibly) the ability to adjust the time manually

I do not need any sort of onboard interface, no screens, no navigation, nothing of the sort. All I am looking for is a small data logger I can turn on and toss in my pack and forget about it. Go hiking, take pictures, whatever the case may be, then have the information stored and ready for me when I get home.

Is there anything out there that would be better than my current logger?


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