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Teardrops 0 Points
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Hi All. I have been a Garmin fan for 10 years, but I am looking at the Magellan 7" 1700 Model. Can someone tell me how the maps stack up compared to the Garmin Maps? I use my Garmin a lot in the mountains and they have most of the forest Service roads on them. Do the Magellan Maps have about the same amount of dirt roads on them?

Thanks for looking :wink:


  • Boyd 1992 Points
    Big mountains, big GPS, big font.... :lol:

    I have a Roadmate 1700 but have not used it for a long time. I don't like Magellan's user interface very much. This is a discontinued model AFAIK. When I got mine (3 years ago maybe?) Magellan was using Navteq map data, which should be basically the same as Garmin (who also uses Navteq). But I believe Magellan no longer uses Navteq, so I'm not sure what the current map would be on a Roadmate 1700 today.

    If you want a big screen unit, you might also look at the new Nuvi 2757. They have dropped the price to $220 on this unit which strikes me as a really good deal for a 7" model from Garmin. If you already like the Garmin maps and user interface, then it's worth a look - it also includes lifetime map updates.

    And of course, on Garmin there are many topo and other specialized maps to choose from, both free and paid. Have a look at some of the free maps here, for example:
  • Teardrops 0 Points
    Thanks Boyd. I didn't realize Garmin had a 7" model. I'll take a look.
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