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I had a Mio c310x before and I'm looking to get another one. I do not need anything too fancy but that can get me from point A to Point B accurately.
I'm trying to get an inexpensive gps unit that is under $350. I am looking at the Garmin c330, tomtom one, Via Michelin x-930. I am open to other suggestions also.

Features that I am looking for a GPS unit that has
1. updated accurate maps (preferrably Navteq), 2. good satellite reception, 3. decent POIs, 4. touchscreen 5. an use SD card 6. Automatic Route rerouting.

Would like these features (but optional) : 1. Asian language voice 2. a Hackable unit 3. text to speech.


  • Tim 1482 Points
    I think my first question is what about the c310x did you not like? Not that I think the c310x is perfect (I've got a video review coming soon) but knowing what you didn't like about that model will help determine what other models might be most enjoyable for you.
  • The maps were outdated since they are 2 years old. The routing is sometimes weird because it route me in unusual routes. Also the addresses are messed up on the map since the address for my house is about a block or more off. The POI's are ok, there are some places that have been there a while that are missing. Other than that I had no problem with it, I wouldn't have needed to get a new one if it hadn't been stolen.
  • Tim 1482 Points
    Unfortunately, maps that are two years old is more of the norm as far as maps go. If want more info on the mapping process and why most of the maps out there are so old you might want to check out our article on GPS maps being outdated.

    When people ask me which GPS has the most updated maps, I typically say "none of them". Right now TomTom has released a map update which comes from data released in October. Garmin's most recent maps come from around April of 2006. Magellan's are further behind those.

    I haven't come across a GPS yet that didn't occasionally route me in unusual places, however they all get me to my destination. It might sometimes take me a couple of miles out of the way from what a local might do, but it gets me there.

    Being a block or two off when viewing address numbers is also quite typical of every GPS I've ever used. Sometimes they are spot on, other times they have been off by several blocks.

    I'm not saying the mapping situation of GPS devices is acceptable.... but rather with any GPS you will find the problems that you mentioned. So I try to encourage people to look at the features and price of the GPS and not focus too much on the map vendor or how recent the map data is. Now matter the vendor or the map date there will be inaccuracies. Some data is better in some areas than others and it is nearly impossible to know ahead of time which vendor might have mapped destinations you are traveling to better than another vendor.

    For example my hometown is much better mapped by Tele Atlas than by NAVTEQ. But that doesn't mean that NAVTEQ maps are bad everywhere... just in my neighborhood. Other nearby towns have streets that are better mapped by NAVTEQ.

    The same goes for POIs. NAVTEQ reports a store near my house that has been gone for almost ten years. Tele Atlas somehow shows a POI near my house that has never existed.

    Sorry for what probably sounds like a rant. It wasn't meant to be.

    In response to your question, the TomTom ONE and the Garmin c330 would both likely be good choices. The TomTom ONE has the advantage of a smaller, pocketable size while the c330 is about the size of a baseball. The TomTom ONE will also have a bit better satellite reception and (by map release date) has more recent maps. Both offer automatic rerouting. Neither have Text-to-speech, and I haven't double checked but I believe both support Asian language voices.

    I hope this helps a bit, and let us know if you have any additional questions!
  • Are there any other units that are worth getting? Also, anyone have any experience with the Averatec Voya 350, Via Michelin x-930?
  • Tim 1482 Points
    People generally have the best overall satisfaction with the Garmin and TomTom units, followed by the Magellan, Lowrance, and Mio units. I don't have any experience with the Averatec devices. I've got a little experience with the Via Michelin devices and they show promise.... but they are not giving Garmin or TomTom a run for their money yet.

    I think you are on the right track looking at the c330 and the ONE. You might want to also look at the Nuvi 350, and c340.
  • What is the difference between TomTom Go 300, TomTom One and TomTom Go 700?
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