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where to download canada map for china car stereo gps ready?

ronnicane 0 Points
hi! I need to download canada maps and save it to sd card. Does anyone knows here how to do that? I just bought a used honda civic and it comes with a 7" China made stereo with bluetooth, dvd and gps ready. It has a SD card slot wherein the owner said i should download maps and save it to sd card and the stereo will read it. Please help me. Thanks in advance.


  • patruns 10 Points
    For starters, you need to know who makes the navigation o/s. Garman, iGo, Tom Tom, etc. Once you know that you may be able to go to their site and buy the map you need.
  • gsthunder 0 Points
    I will add this to what patruns said( which I agree with )...

    As a rule the entire navigation system runs off the SD card. The SD card is not just for the maps. I can't say this is 100% accurate but you should have an SD card now with the radio and on it will be the nav software and the maps.

    I have doubts the SD card is just for the maps. You need nav software to use the maps and I doubt the nav software is loaded on the head unit's hard drive as the file size is pretty big.

    Can you access the nav software now without an SD card in the slot? If not maps won't help you.
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