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Changing map area

How do I change my Nuvi 1490 map from the whole of Europe to just Western Europe.



  • t923347 413 Points
    Download a map update using Garmin's MapUpdater software and choice the View Options/Install Options page. On that page pick the regional area that you want and the software will replace the maps currently on the Nuvi with the maps for the region you picked.

    You can also use the Mapupdater software to download the whole Europe map update to your computer and then use Garmin's MapInstall software to pick the specific regions of Europe you want on the GPS. The software will compile the regions picked into a single map file.
  • flyfisher 0 Points
    Up till now I have used Garmin Express but there have been a few issues with it.

    I have downloaded Map Updater and it said there was a Lifetime Update for my unit. It went through all the various pages, agreement etc. and then said the update could not be completed because a previous map was not installed.
  • SergZak 240 Points
    edited May 2013
    Note that you pretty much have to go through the process outlined by t923347 above. When the map is compiled on the PC for transfer to your nuvi, the compilation is almost always likely to be one large map image file(gmapprom.img). To use a smaller portion of the map requires it to be recompiled by the map update process, then transferred back to your nuvi.

    There is a way to modify the already compiled map image but that process is WAY beyond the scope of this forum.
  • SergZak 240 Points
    then said the update could not be completed because a previous map was not installed.
    Sounds like the map was somehow deleted from your nuvi. In this case, it may be best for you to contact Garmin support *by phone*. They can remotely access your nuvi while connected to your PC via internet and can likely see what the problem is and may be able to remedy your issue right then and there.
  • flyfisher 0 Points
    But my Nuvi says that I have CN Navigator Europe 2013.41 installed
  • SergZak 240 Points
    All the more reason to contact Garmin. The error may in fact be on their end if your unit is showing you have a valid map with Lifetime Updates and the update process is not letting you download the update.
  • sussamb 764 Points
    There have been a few issues with users and CN 2013.41, reporting similar problems. It appears to have something to do with the 2013.40/2013.41 update.

    As suggested, contact Garmin ... or wait a bit as 2014.10 is due shortly :wink:
  • flyfisher 0 Points
    Should I be able to download Europe update to my iMac without having my Nuvi plugged in?
  • sussamb 764 Points
    No, the nuvi has to be connected ... there are other ways but that is the simplest :wink:
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