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Does a combined SatNav / GPS Data Logger exist?

mattw 0 Points
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Hey everyone, I need both an; Auto SatNav that you can easily pre program with routes that include many waypoints (and preferably includes detailed maps that would cover smaller communities in BC, Canada), and a GPS data logger to keep a detailed track of my coordinates in relation to time (and output it as a .csv file or something similar).

I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a product that would be capable of performing both these tasks, or suggest the best products for either of them?



  • Landyman 86 Points
    Probably but finding it may be rather difficult.

    I have been making and saving waypoints and keeping track logs since 1996 when I bought my Garmin GPS-75. I initially used the Garmin PCX5 software and in 1998 went over to the TomTom (Palmtop) software running on Psion battery computers.

    Initially, the Garmin would beep when it's track log was full, so I would stop and in a few moments download the track log to my Psion. My new GPSr an eMap, lost the beep warning and when the log was full it would write over the beginning, so I had to continually look to see if the log was filling up.

    Next my Garmin 2610 also had this same over-write problem, but it had lost it's serial connector so I had to buy a secondhand laptop with USB, just for saving my track logs.

    Later I bought a Garmin 76CSx. An easy to find option allowed me to save a daily track log to the SD card automatically. Then I could forget about downloading until back home. That was ideal.

    After my 2610 failed after years of heavy use, I went through a few GPSrs, but none were suitable for track logs or making waypoints on the move. The 'Mark' mechanical button had disappeared!

    Being unable to find a good replacement for my 2610, I became worried that I would loose my track logging ability as the 76CSx was no longer sold. Eventually I found that the eTrex Vista HCx - not the 'x0' series - also had the save to SD card option. So I bought one just for that feature. It also has a 'Mark' mechanical button for making waypoints.

    I later bought a Garmin Montana 650t because I could not find any GPSr anywhere close to my general needs.

    After much use, I discovered that an undocumented feature was the ability to save a similar daily track log to SD card, although Garmin (in traditional Microsoft style) had renamed it and hidden it!

    I would recommend the Montana 600, as the extra cost for the crude topo map in the 650 not worth the extra and the extra cost for a camera in the 650t again not worth the extra cost. I'm not sure about the NA topo map situation, but I know that for the USA, better topo maps are available for free download.

    I suspect that other Garmin GPSrs will also have the feature of saving the track log to SD card, but as manuals these days are pathetic compared to say the one for my 2610, they are not much help.

    These days the number of mechanical buttons has dropped from 20 to 1, so the ability to make on the move an accurate waypoint had been lost on most GPSrs.

    On the Montana, it is possible to set an option so that pressing the power button for a short time, will make a waypoint. I've never seen this mentioned on any website.
  • Boyd 2027 Points
    On the Montana, it is possible to set an option so that pressing the power button for a short time, will make a waypoint. I've never seen this mentioned on any website.
    You must be visiting the wrong websites. :) I wrote about it in our big Montana thread here almost two years ago:;start=50

    But that post was inspired by a blog entry on Garmin's own site:
    What if we could take the power of the Favorites dashboard/Status page combination and make it even faster? That’s exactly what we’ve done with Power Key Customization. This brilliant, new feature allows you to double the functionality of your power key by using a single or double tap to do something. This functionality can be enabled under Setup > System > Configure Power Key. If a new power key function is set for a single tap, your status page will then be set to work using a double tap.

    The Power Key can launch an application, Shortcut, or a link to a Where To? or Setup item. With the addition of Shortcut Toggles (see Shortcuts) the power key can even become a utility in itself. To get a better idea of its potential, let’s look at some examples of what can be done with the power key:

    Mark a Waypoint - Set to launch the “Mark Waypoint” application

    Take a Photo - Set to launch the “Camera” application

    Lock/Unlock Screen - Set to run a Shortcut that only toggles Screen Lock

    Mute/Unmute - Set to run a Shortcut that only toggles Volume Mute

    Turn chirp On/Off - Set to run a Shortcut that only toggles chirp Searching

    Start Nav to Coordinates - Set to launch the Where To? > Coordinates page

    Switch Maps - Set to run a Shortcut that toggles the preferred map sets
  • Landyman 86 Points
    Thanks Boyd for this posting and also the replies to my other postings.

    I've now got a lot a of reading to do.

    One problem with the power button as a 'Mark' button is the screen backlight.

    Under some lighting situations, it's difficult to see if the light is on or off. If on only one press is required, if off two presses are required as the first turns the backlight on.
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