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Memory card for a Nuvi 50LM

System Indicates I am low on memory, only 13mb free out if 1.8GB. Says I should get a memory card, but I do not see a place to install one. Do I have to open the device?


  • sussamb 764 Points
    Look for a small slot on the side of the casing ... you need a micro sd card :wink:

    (No need to open the casing)
  • modiam 31 Points
    Thanks. I found and installed the micro sd card. When I plug the Garmin into my PC it still gives me the message that my memory is low and I should install a memory card. Do I have to do something else for Garmin to recognize the sd card? My computer sees it when I go to My Computer.
  • SergZak 240 Points
    In Garmin GPS devices, simply plugging in a memory card will not magically free up space on the nuvi's internal memory. The memory card is mainly used to store maps when the nuvi's internal memory is full. You'd need to re-run the map update/setup and allow it to install the maps onto the memory card rather than the nuvi's internal memory.

    See: 750&caseId={2c9235a0-0258-11dd-dc9c-000000000000}&locale=en_US

    To free up space on your nuvi's internal memory, Google "garmin nuvi free up space" for numerous things you can to to accomplish this. This will always require deleting files on the nuvi's internal memory so be sure to do a full backup of what is on your nuvi before even attempting something like file deleting. There may also be a guide or two at the "sticky" list at the top of the main page here.
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