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Trouble-shoot or repair request?: eTrex 20

I have a new (2 months) eTrex 20.
It worked purrrfectly initially, but now does not. There are two issues:

1. even after deleting all tracks (current, archived), tracks show on the device; several/many of them.

2. (much worse) the device knows where I am (10 satellites or more), but my position is not on the screen. I need to scroll to my position, center on it, and then I'm okay. But this does not last. The blue triangle is almost never on the screen. The map stays static, and I wander off the screen. (I have an OSM installed for my area.) This can always be negated by shutting down and starting again - but this is an endless process.

The software and firmware are up to date.

Is there a trouble-shooting process that I can follow - or is it time to contact Garmin for a repair?


  • sussamb 814 Points
    2. First! When it happens do you see a white arrow somewhere on the screen. If so you're in map scroll mode. Tap the back button and all should then be well.

    1. There is a difference between tracks you load and the trip log. All though should be able to be deleted through Track Manager. How are you trying to delete them?
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    "When it happens do you see a white arrow somewhere on the screen."
    Yes - always.
    Map scroll mode: okay, I'll have to check. Didn't know that there was such a "mode".
    Do you know how/why it got into that mode? Have I hit a button unconsciously to get into that mode? If so, a specific button?

    Regarding tracks:
    I haven't ever loaded one. The tracks that I see are tracks that I have walked/bicycled.
    I do use Track Manager to delete them all - which is confirmed by Track Manager. Yet they appear.
  • sussamb 814 Points
    Toggling the joystick puts it into scroll mode. Enables you to scroll around the map.

    Are you sure you're deleting all tracks? Check you have none archived and ensure you also delete Current Track.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    Regarding map scroll mode: got it.
    The device is often in my pocket when walking/bicycling. That should do it :!:

    Yes - I'm sure that I delete all archived tracks and the current track.
    The thing is: I turn on the device - and without moving a centimeter, do the deletion of all archived and current track. Of course, there shouldn't be a "current track" - in my mind - since I haven't moved, and I do it, perhaps, even before the device locks on to satellites.
    So I'm not "getting" why the device continues to show "old" tracks.

    By the way, thanks for your continuing help and support - with this issue and previous ones.
  • sussamb 814 Points
    You need to wait until you have a satellite lock then delete Current track.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    Okay, I just was able to delete the "current track".
    I was using the menu button to delete it - but that doesn't delete it! With "Current Track" selected, I hit the toggle switch - and scrolled down to the option to delete the current track.
    That did it. And that wasn't the way that I was attempting to remove the current track.
  • sussamb 814 Points
    Glad all sorted. Incidentally I've learnt best way to keep it in your pocket is with joystick facing out. That way it is more difficult to accidentally knock the joystick.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    I'm just gonna remove the damned thing :!: :idea:
  • Boyd 1986 Points
    Years ago I had one of the old eTrex models - the Legend C, it was my first GPS with a color screen and I liked it a lot. But my one big gripe was the joystick. I was constantly creating waypoints I didn't want through accidental presses. But it was also just awkward to use. I also have 60csx and it uses a cursor pad which works much better.

    BTW, what you describe is often defined as "browse mode". I believe you have a Nuvi as well. You would access browse mode by tapping anywhere on the map.
  • Ramaprem 112 Points
    I chose the eTrex for many reasons - one of which was the lack of a touch screen, which could change modes/functions with an inadvertent "touch". And the buttons are so firm that I thought that this would never happen. In fact, half the time I can't muster the strength to press them!

    I really like the eTrex - but it has the one niggle of entering another mode with the wiggle of the joystick. But getting back to the map is easy, as was stated.

    Today, I also created a whole pocketful of waypoints without realizing it. That was another point to clear up.

    So thanks for your comment and input.
  • sussamb 814 Points
    Yes you can end up with a few unexpected waypoints ... But with the joystick pointing out it only happens occasionally, generally if I've climbed over a style!
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