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Magellan RoadMate 3000T, 2050T Software Update 3.11

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Version upgrade includes the following:

Please note: Those customers that upgraded to version 3.10 and have a traffic subscription that will expire on or around the first 1st of the month need to upgrade to version 3.11 to ensure continued traffic coverage.

Traffic Subscription
The issue regarding the calculation of traffic subscription expiration date has been fixed. Upgrading to version 3.11 will avoid any possible cancellation of your current traffic subscription. The color scheme of the TMC traffic “T" icon has changed. This icon, located in the bottom right hand corner of the navigation screen, indicates signal reception from the traffic message channel (TMC). The color scheme has changed from fours colors (black, red, yellow, green) to two colors (green and red). These colors will appear under the following conditions:

When the receiver is activated and the FM antenna is plugged into traffic cradle the unit will begin searching for a TMC signal. Traffic icon will remain green in the search mode and will remain green once a traffic event has been received or a signal has been locked.

If the receiver cannot lock on a traffic signal, the system will time out and the traffic icon will become red. The unit will continue to search for a traffic signal but will remain red.

TMC indicator: With the TMC traffic icon you can get the status of your Traffic Message Channel (TMC) by simply touching the icon to display the status - station number, provider, signal quality, signal detected.

Live Alerts: The triangle shaped live alert icons which display traffic incidents have been enhanced to include more detail. While viewing the map screen, the Live Alerts will automatically appear on your active, highlighted route and now includes both direction and distance information to the incident. Incidents not on your active route that appear on the map screen will display direction of the incident. For example, slow traffic on I15 North.

The duration of live alert pop up messages that automatically appear on your active route have been increased to two seconds.

Traffic alerts that have accumulated on the map screen will clear from the screen once the TMC accessory is disconnected.

TMC has been changed to read as Traffic in the Navigation Options menu.

Music Player
No changes.

Picture Viewer
No changes.

Resolved the issue of freezing when switching applications and the GPS is not active.

Resolved the issue regarding the exclusion function whereby the receiver would not re-calculate route after a particular segment was excluded from the route.

GPS time is now correct.

Resolved issue regarding the car navigation options menu not being accessible in the enter address mode.

Generic Improvements
The countdown timer when units go to suspend / resume mode has been reduced from 5 to 2sec.

Resolved issues regarding random changes to heading and speed values.
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