when will be release the europe map 2014.10 ?

when can i update my garmin to 2014.10?

i tried right now , there is no update

western europe lm map


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  • When it's released :wink:

    No doubt someone will post here when it is :)
  • still waiting...
  • That's because it's not out yet :wink:
  • Has anyone got any idea why so long a delay after the 2014.10 NA release?

  • Maybe they're waiting for the actual release date to coincide with the map numbering terminology. :wink:
  • Has anyone got any idea why so long a delay after the 2014.10 NA release?

    Possibly because we got a map inbetween ... 2013.41 :)

    But who really knows ... or cares for that matter, we'll get it when it's available :wink:
  • Very poor comms when a major company does not make an announcement when they know oodles of people were expecting a release six weeks or more ago. :roll:

    My 3790T has been playing up, so you begin to wonder if the device has missed it.

    'Que sera sera'

  • Garmin don't announce when these maps are due. They promise up to 4 updates a year ... and so far have always done so.
  • Available now :D
  • Well as a test I used Express rather than MapUpdater. Map download went flawlessly.

    Strangely though despite my nuvi being up to date software wise it still tried to download the up to date software but then reported an error 'An unknown transfer error occurred, please try again'. Hitting cancel allowed the map update to proceed :?

    Clearly there are still some issues with Express :twisted:
  • Available now :D
    Ta, I wonder when the next one will be? :D :D

  • Should be sometime in August :?

    Interestingly I downloaded the map again, this time using Updater. Whether the news is out and therefore affecting download speeds significantly I don't know, but Express downloaded the map in about 30 mins, whereas MapUpdater is taking around 90 minutes, the sort of time I always seem to get with it.

    Both downloads are exactly the same. Maybe Express is 'smarter' :?

    One difference was that Updater installed the maps onto the PC 'unlocked'. Express installed them 'locked' and I needed to get separately the unlock codes.
  • 2014.10 EU would not load onto my 3790T with insufficient internal storage space. I had to manually delete 2013.41 from internal storage, and it's loading now. :?:

  • Whereas my 3790T is happily installing it now, replacing 2013.41 without a storage space issue - using Map Updater 3.1.20 (I've had my fingers burned with Express and am steering clear for as long as possible). However it's taking longer to get onto the unit than it did to download (Virgin cable, during their unrestricted timeslot i.e. before 16:00 BST).
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