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How Do Traffic Alerts Work?

larry_l 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Discussions
Hi Folks:

Last week friends gave me my first GPS unit, a Garmin 2455LMT.

I've wanted GPS for a while and I love this thing.

Sunday afternoon I was cruising into town on the freeway. Beaverton to Portland Oregon on 26.

The line on the map showed dashed yellow about a mile ahead, I hadn't seen that before.

As I approached the dashed lines, traffic in the right lane was stopped.

During Monday's rush hour, radio traffic reported a tie up on a freeway. I was parked at the time so I scrolled to the tie up and the 2455 showed the freeway in red, and had a little icon of a car upside down.

I understand, in a general way, GPS, but I'm clueless about traffic notification.

I believe traffic is broadcast. Who broadcasts this information? Where do they get this information? Is somebody sitting in front of a bunch of monitors watching for traffic slowdowns on a Sunday afternoon when traffic almost never slows down?

Does the Nuvi 2597LMTHD "HD Digital Traffic" work any differently?



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