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edited November -1 in GPS Discussions
Hi, I was wondering the reliability and performance of each type of traffic receiver - FM 3D, HD and Live. This comes from choosing to spend about $100 more for the Garmin 3590(HD) vs 3790 (FM).

Garmin says FM traffic updated constantly for the 3790 ( and probably all FM traffic receivers) I know 3/HD and Live traffic are the latest, but really what is the difference in performance and information provided. I hope 3D and Live, being the latest, and more costly, does not bias opinion.

I Googled FM traffic and it appears the FM signal is constantly being emitted. HD does have greater bandwidth and more information flow ( based on a reviewer here) but does it really make a difference? -

What is the actual refresh rate of FM receiver? HD is said to have refresh updates every 30 seconds.

Then I guess is the coverage issue... but....


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