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Upgraded 4310max SD card will not work in spare 2110max.

Wireman1 0 Points
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Firstly hello everyone I have just joined this forum and wonder if someone can answer the following query for me.

I have been using a Navigon 2110max which has been upgraded to a 4310max E installed on a 4GB SD card.

Due to various members of the family borrowing my SatNav I decided to purchase another Navigon 2110max for their use, I have just tried installing my upgraded 4310max SD card in the Navigon 2110max and it will not work.

Is there any way in which I could get the SD card to work with the Navigon 2110max?


  • Boyd 2043 Points
    I'm not familiar with Navigon, but just about every company provides map software that is permanently locked to the original unit it was installed on. I don't know what it means to "upgrade to a 4310max E installed on a 4GB SD card". Is this something you purchased from Navigon or is it a "hack" you downloaded somewhere?

    Discussion of illegal software downloads or defeating copy protection is forbidden on this site.
  • Wireman1 0 Points
    Thank you for your response.

    All the software on the SD card including the upgrade from 2110max to the 4310max was purchased from Navigon and downloaded from their website using their Navigon Fresh program.

    I might contact Navigon support and see if they would allow me to use the updated software and programs on my spare 2110max for a one-off payment.

    I have recently spent a fair amount of money subscribing to their two-year deal on regular downloads of European maps plus buying additional features for my SatNav and do not fancy paying out again for duplicate programs for the spare 2110max.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    Ok, cool. Seems like your best approach would be to contact Navigon, since that's where you bought the update.
  • Wireman1 0 Points
    Good news! :D

    I logged into my Navigon Fresh account last night plugged my spare 2110max into a USB port on the laptop and it was recognised by the Navigon Fresh software.

    My account showed all previously purchased products for the 2110max and I was then able to download a software upgrade "2110max to 4310max".

    Once my SatNav had been upgraded to a 4310max I was then able to log back into my account and all recently purchased software was available to download which included European maps (issued quarterly).

    My spare 2110max has been brought up-to-date will all the software that I had previously purchased and I am very happy!
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