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Explorist 710 Speaker Blown Out?

kc27 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Handheld Forum
My Explorist 710 was being used in vehicle navigation mode at full volume when the speaker began sounding very distorted. I thought the cause was weak batteries, but fresh batteries did not resolve the problem.

What repair options are there for these units?


  • patruns 10 Points
    They still sell them. I would say you can probably send it in to Magellan if it is still in warranty. Otherwise, they offer a replacement at a reduced cost.
  • kc27 0 Points
    Thanks, I'll contact them to learn the price of a reduced cost unit.
  • zee 97 Points
    Also "google" Jungle Ghost and Bills Electronics in Canada, for repairs.
  • kc27 0 Points
    I heard from Magellan. They suggested updating to the latest firmware, which I am already at, and if that fails send them my serial number (not sure why). They also spelled out two options for an out-of-warranty unit:

    Replace it. Send them my current Explorist 710 and they will replace it with a new unit with a 1 year warranty for $329.

    Keep my current unit, and purchase a second one. They sell refurbished 710's for 399.99. Those carry a 3 month warranty.

    There is no repair option from Magellan. I am going to check out the two repair sources zee mentioned.
  • Boyd 2043 Points
    With all due respect, that price is crazy for a refurbished device that hasn't been very popular - and only a 3 month warranty?

    You can get a new Garmin Oregon 450 - arguably a better device with lots of free maps available - for $200.

    If you still want something for the car with spoken directions, junction view, lane assist, lifetime map updates and other features, the Nuvi 40LM costs about $130. So you could keep the Explorist and get two new devices for the same price ($330) Magellan wants to swap your Explorist.

    There are plenty of other options that cost less than those Magellan prices. If it were me, I wouldn't "spend good money after bad" on Magellan...

    If you really like the Explorist though, you could call Magellan again and explain all this to a supervisor. Maybe they have the power to make you a better deal?
  • kc27 0 Points

    I agree, none of those options are worthwhile - Amazon sells new Explorist 710 units for $350, so their "Customer Loyalty" discount price is really only a $20 discount off of a real-world retail price. The Magellan website has the price listed at $499.99.

    The unit had fuzzy sound a couple of days ago, now it is totally silent. The gps functionality is fine. I'm going to see what the repair costs would be. and then make a decision to fix or replace it with something else.

    I do have a portable vehicle gps unit, so the loss of audio isn't mission critical for me. Vehicle navigation with the 710 is more of a convenience than anything else when you already have the 710 in your hands, and even now it is still useable without the audio.

    Thanks for the advice everyone.
  • kc27 0 Points
    I ended up getting the speaker replaced. Parts, labor, shipping brought the cost to $151.50.

    The sound from the new speaker doesn't seem as clear as the original speaker - it sounds as though there is some distortion (kind of like a speaker with the volume turned up too high) in it - but it works again.
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