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Dropped my Garmin Nuvi 2460, screen broken, now no power

First day of our vacation I dropped my 2460 and the screen broke. Not break like a crack, but a portion of the screen was blank. I could still use it, just couldn't see the whole screen.

When we returned home, I decided to open the unit (with my previously purchased battery replacement tools...for my 255w) and see if there was anything obviously disconnected or broken. I don't know what I was thinking because I am not a technician.

Now, the unit won't power on. I did not replace the battery. I watched tutorials online for opening and closing the unit and think I did it properly.

Any suggestions? I am so sad, I really enjoyed this gps. :cry:


  • t923347 432 Points
    To bad about your Nuvi. Since you don't have much to loss at this point why not open it again and be sure that all of the connections are still seated properly. It almost sounds like when you opened it the first time the wire from the power button to the system board on the Nuvi may have gotten disconnected or loosened to the point it will not power the Nuvi up any longer.

    Checking all the connections again may have the added advantage of possibly finding a connection to the screen that isn't seated right and you could get that problem fixed as well.
  • myemerald 30 Points
    I might as well give it a try. Is it possible to upload pictures here?
  • myemerald 30 Points
    Hope this works. I hope someone will look a the pictures, and be able to see something I am missing.


    Thank you!!
  • Did you ever get it working again? I had the same problem but have not pulled it apart.
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