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Create rough Topology map of island

hakonandersson 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
Dear all,

I am embarking on a project to accurately map a small fishing island on the west coast of Sweden. The island is quite hilly and the topology data through such services as Google Earth is not of a high enough resolution.

I plan to overlay altitude data from various points on the island over 2D data from google earth, import into Google Sketch up and then bring all this data into a 3D game engine such as Cryengine to create a 3D representation of the island which can be 'walked around'.

In order to acquire the topology data, I thought I could walk around the island with something like a Suunto Ambit2, record the long/lat/alt data each second - then use these points in a 3d space to create a rough map of the island.

I've been reading up a lot on the Suunto as it has both a GPS and Barometric altimeter which seems to provide the best level of accuracy for the altiude, however it does not have EGNOS support which worries me in regards to accurate lat/long data.

Do you guys know of any portable GPS units which have a really good altimeter (as the Suunto Ambit2 does), but has also EGNOS support to make sure lat/long data is as accurate as possible?

Many thanks for your suggestions :)

Hakon. :D
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