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BRICKED my ROADMATE 1700, can it be fixed?

gdi4u 0 Points
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I have looked high and low for answer, but I haven't found one yet.
I'm not new to all this GPS software stuff, I used to have a Tom Tom and very little problems, that said my almost two year old recondtitioned Roadmate 1700 started to act up the other day, when i went to the previous destination and they were all gone, I tried to reset no luck, then when I reset the dreaded USB screen came up, so I came home got the content manager, used the first USB cable I could find, the roadmate did not ship with a cable, and tried to update but it just kept saying error, then I went to the download for the update itself and tried to exercute it but it kept saying it couldn't write, so now I'm thinking the flash drive is damaged or corrupt, or maybe my USB cable was just not good enough, the files on the HDD root did not appear to all be there and I couldn't find anywhere online backup files to replace them manually as some I have done, so I pop in a SD card and try to install MioPocket 4, but I don't know what the heck I'm doing and it doesn't work and then I download Unlock and like a dummy I copy Iboot.exe to the HDD, so now it just hangs at the Magellan Screen, and will not connect to the computer via USB I copied Unlock files to the SD card and was able to access a Menu and tried to delete Iboot.exe, but it kept saying could not create file, but I successfully deleted Iboot.mscr, from the HDD and after that I can't get the boot menu anymore, so it's bricked for now, I tried renaming as is suggested in MioPocket Readme and some other boards, apparently I'm not the only one to do this and every time I find a post related to it, there is no other answer except to rename files on the HDD, but like everyone else I can't access the HDD anymore, after all is said and done can this be fixed or should I just cut my losses? Can the HDD be swapped if I can find one for parts?
Thanks for any help. :)
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