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Opinion on refurbished units?

SFGary 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
I did not want to spend more than $400 for a auto gps and am considering buying a Magellan 760 and noticed that there are quite a few vendors selling factory refurbished units at less than $300. Is this OK or should I stay away from these? Thnx in adv.



  • Tim 1482 Points
    There seem to be tons of refurbs available currently from a variety of manufacturers. My theory is that many of them are probably returns from the holiday season. There was a study out recently talking about the extremely high return rate of GPS devices purchased over the holidays.

    My recommendation is to first check the warranty. In most cases the warranty on a refurb is the same as the "new" device. In which case if the savings is about 10% or more it is probably worth it. I've also seen refurbs selling for nearly the same price as the "new" devices in which case I'd rather spend the extra $10 to get one in new condition.

    But generally speaking I haven't heard lots horror stories from people purchasing refurbished GPS devices.
  • Tim, thanks for the quick reply. I'll brave it and get one from tigerdirect. I'll report bk. on how it worked out.
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