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TomTom Runner vs Nike+ GPS

Midds 0 Points
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Hi guys, I am slightly confused and have some seeking some advice!
According to their website, TomTom are about to release a new running watch called the TomTom Runner which will be available in September:

Also, I think that TomTom make the GPS receivers that go into the Nike+ SportWatch GPS watches...

So, which watch should I go for? The Nike+ is cheaper but if there is a high difference in GPS accuracy then I dont mind paying the extra. A few reviews seem to think that the new TomTom Runner has some sort of quick fix or hot fix technology??

I am all ears....please advise! :)

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  • dhn 336 Points
    I know nothing about the Garmin device but you may wish to get a feel for TT Sports Watches by reading though the threads here:
  • patruns 10 Points
    If you have a smartphone you also may wish to look into a running app such as Endomondo. I was quite surprised at the accuracy and it records all of your workouts, including the routes, interfaces with some other fitness apps and shares (if you wish) with social networks or just certain friends.
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