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ATV gps, Montana?

randydan 0 Points
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Hi all, I'm looking for another gps. I have an oregon 450 and use it for backwood riding on atvs, in Calif. I'm looking for another, but want a bigger screen. The oregon is hard to see in the shade or low light. Is there another one that is better. I would like a bigger screen with better light resolution in shade. If a car unit would work that is fine with me. I was considering a Montana 600 they are a little cheaper than the 650. I use topo maps and I don't really preroute anything, but save tracks and mark waypoints. I do the breadcrumb, to fine my way back incase I need to. I do take paper maps as a backup. But the Oregon 450's breadcrumb is hard to see and it's not in color, if any are anyway, I don't know.



  • Boyd 1999 Points
    I've had a Montana 600 for two years and I love it. The screen is just beautiful. If you can afford it, get it.

    Now the Monterra is the replacement and also looks very cool but it's very expensive ($650). It isn't shipping yet though, so you would need to wait about a month and of course you would have to deal with the typical bugs in a new Garmin model.

    Have you see our big Montana thread?
  • Boyd, thanks for the reply, Is the Montana screen more visable in different light, shade and angle situations than the oregon 450? I will go to the store and get a test drive of screen visablity of the montana 600. Under certain conditions in the woods the Oregon450 is difficult to read the screen.

  • Boyd 1999 Points
    I had the older Oregon 400t and the screen was really not good on that early model. I know the 450 screen was an improvement, but I have never used one personally.

    I can only say that there's never a problem seeing the Montana. I posted comparison pictures at the link above, but it's always hard to judge from a picture.

    With the backlight off, I can see the Montana under most conditions (during the day of course). The most difficult conditions for the Oregon is the diffused light from a bright, overcast day. It doesn't provide a point source (the sun) to reflect off the screen and the backlight is too weak to overcome it.

    The Montana backlight is much, much brighter than my Oregon 400t and I've got to believe it's also brighter than an Oregon 450. If you crank it up full, you will always see the screen. Of course, there may be battery life considerations to running the backlight full when hiking. On an ATV with external power, you will have no problems.
  • Randydan, I have several different GPS units - but once I started using the Montana the others remain in the drawer. It's really that good. Whether on my quad, dirt bike or Jeep, the Montana is there. Mounted in the powered Rugged Mount the screen is super bright; seeing it has never been a problem no matter what the weather or terrain.
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