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GPS for Hunting/Fishing/Hiking

IbrahimSS 0 Points
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I'm interested in a GPS that will mainly be used for outdoor sports where it might take a beating. I'd definitely like to have topo maps on it and the ability to mark trails etc. I don't have my mind set on a price as of yet mainly because I'm not sure what can be had for a given price point.

Ideally I could upload maps from free sites rather than having to purchase maps.

Is the Garmin Montana the way to go or can something better be had for less?



  • Boyd 1999 Points
    You really need to establish a budget before going much farther. I've had a Montana 600 for two years and I love it. But just about any Garmin handheld will meet the requirements you've stated. Starting with cheap and going to very expensive, have a look at the following

    eTrex 20
    eTrex 30
    Oregon 450
    GPSMap 62s
    Oregon 600
    Montana 600
    Monterra 600

    These are all very different devices and it would be best to see and hold them for yourself in a store. Looking at pictures on the web doesn't really give the full impression.
  • It seems like those are all Garmin's. Is that what you'd recommend?

    I had a look at the differences. I think the eTrek 30 and Oregon 450 are my top choice. They seem to have everything I need.

    The differences seem to be:
    * Touchscreen
    * Battery life
    * Internal memory
    * Weight

    Is there anything I'm missing in terms of the differences? Neither have topo maps loaded to start with. Is that going to a problem overall?
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    Garmin has the lion's share of the market - by a huge margin. I have an older Magellan Triton, and the hardware just isn't as nice. Magellan has some new models that get pretty positive reviews. But very few people actually own one.

    Garmin's huge market share equals a large user community (like this forum) to help answer your questions. But more importantly, it means a huge base of free user-contributed maps. See what's available for your area here:

    If something looks interesting, install Garmin's free Basecamp program on your computer and download the map from GPSFileDepot. You can use it on your computer without even buying a GPS.

    If you purchase a Magellan or DeLorme unit, you will mostly be stuck with the maps they sell.
  • So Garmin it is...

    What about between eTrek 30 vs Oregon 450? Any insight there?
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    Completely different kinds of device. You really need to see them in person. The eTrex is quite tiny and has pushbuttons. The Oregon is larger and has a touchscreen.

    For $200 street price, I would personally choose the Oregon.
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