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Suddenly lost secondary streets

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Hi all, I'm new around here and have a problem that I hope someone can help with.

On my Magellan RoadMate 2136T-LM GPS the secondary streets just disappeared. I received this just a few weeks ago with newest 4.93 software installed. The unit worked great for a few weeks. I went to a local store and it was working when I went in. When I left the store I noticed that the freeways were still there, some of the larger streets remained but the minor/secondary streets just disappeared. I have tried zooming in and out. Nothing there. Reset to factory set up and still nothing. The audio does not even see the lost streets. When I tried using the "home" directions it sent me in a direction that matched the streets that remained but since my street is one of the lost streets it went silent as I got close to home and had to use streets that were not showing.

I contacted Magellan and the guy e-mailed me saying that he wanted to help get it up and running again and asked for some info off of the unit. When I told him this info including the fact that it was a gift from my daughter and probably was her no longer used unit and it was not new, his help ended abruptly. I am not real computer savvy so please understand if I am a little confused about exactly what I will need to do.


  • An update... I know that nobody had an answer to this but I wanted to share what has happened. I have had this in my truck for some time and it comes on with every start up. Each time it still was missing the secondary maps.

    The other day I started the truck and the GPS did not turn on automatically. This had not happened before. It always starts up when the truck is started. So, I pushed the top "on" button and it started. When I looked at the screen I could see that everything had returned to normal and it has operated properly for the last 3 or 4 days. Not sure why but wanted to share this as it may be helpful to someone.
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