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Magellan eXplorist 610: track saving

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Hello everybody.

I'm new to this forum and experienced some difficulty trying to save a hiking track using a newly bought explorist610: the unit only saved the last part of the track, I lost the previous 4hours of walking.

Before posting I did search (1) the manual, then (2) the internet using keywords like saving track, out of memory and so on, but did not find an answer:

I set up the unit using the Hiking Profile, with "Track Logging" every second, and Power Settings set to 15min Active Suspend Timer, 5hours as Power Off Timer.

Can it be that only 10000 waypoints are stored, thus forcing you to save the active track with my settings every 2.7 hours? Is there no alarm to let you know that the unit will overwrite previous waypoints?

Furthermore, the batteries seemed to go flat around the end of the track. But contrary to my previous Magellan Meridien, this unit did not sound an alarm to let you know that you have to change batteries. Does it have such an alarm?

Please let me know of your experiences and the work-arounds you may use.

Thank you


  • Well I am totally new to GPS although "computer literate" for 30 years or so.

    I bought a 510 6 days ago and it has taken some time to become even basically proficient in using the many features, so here are my initial observations re saving.

    Seems to me the Save button is actually the Stop button as well, meaning that one should not do any Save DURING a trip [as one would do on a computer as a "save as you go"] as that ends the trip.

    Maybe that is slightly different to your issue but could someone please say if I am on the right track [npi ha ha]
  • True, its counterintuitive. However, if you hit start after saving, the following track will continue where the previous ended, thus you will not loose anything.
  • my tiny Manual that came with unit mentions STOP but I can't find it.

    there are also Pause Track, reset trip Odometer, reset trip Time to add to the confusion.

    it would be nice if the Manual explained in what circumstances one might use these, but I guess it is like learning DOS 30 years ago, ie you just learnt/learned it bit by bit and it finally became second nature.

    what I really DO like is the interface to GoogleEarth and being able to relive your journey at up to 20 times the speed
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