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New gps time

pat 0 Points
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Please help me pick out a new GPS time to replace my garmin 1450. So many choices out there I just need help's what I'm looking for.... I need 5 inch screen. I do not need Bluetooth I do not need voice command. My main is concern is ...proper routing... being able to see the screen in sunlight and showing which street I am traveling on. I'm not even worried about traffic at this point I have my smart phone Google Maps I can look up to see the traffic . I am open into all suggestions. I've used Garmin at least 1 tom-toms. main concern is proper routing and what street I'm on. Have a hard time. Seeing screen driving so I need something big and clear


  • Boyd 2028 Points
    I'd say the Nuvi 3550 is just about a perfect fit.... with a couple caveats though. It doesn't show the current street all the time. If this is a must-have, you need one of the 2013 models. And I don't think there's an equivalent 35x7 model - you would have to get voice command, Bluetooth and traffic whether you want it or not (3597).

    Now the other part is more difficult... "proper routing". That is rather subjective, but there are many complaints about strange routing on current nuvi models. For the most part, these complaints are releated to custom routes that you create yourself though and not just simple "Where To" routes.

    Do you need to create custom routes on the computer? If so, you might not be happy with the Nuvi. Garmin no longer uses "routes" like your 1450, they now have something called "trip planner" and it's kind of a mess. If custom routes are the most important thing for you, look at the Montana 600. You would need to get maps and the auto mount, and it will be expensive. But it's an impressive device that works well on the trail and in the car. I love mine. Screen is only 4" but it's just beautiful.

    I also have a Nuvi 3550 and really like it. Glass high resolution multi-touch screen is really pretty, always very visible. I paid $270 a couple months ago.
  • pat 0 Points
    Thank you..that was a help.
  • pat 0 Points
    Could anyone tell me which one says recalculating. I do want that option..forgot to mention. Thanks
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    Note the "sticky" posts at the top of the Garmin automotive forum. They contain links to many helpful threads. This is one of them: Which nuvi's actually say "recalculating"?
  • pat 0 Points
    Currently looking at 3590 then. Seems to be cheaper than the 3597. Do you Recommend getting 3590 over the 3597 I guess I'll go ahead and use the voice command option that might work well for me because I travel alone a lot.
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    Kind of a personal thing I'd say. The 3597 has a bunch of new features that don't interest me. My GPS use is not typical, I make my own maps and like to customize everything. The 3590 and 3550 support custom dashboards, which is something I wanted: making custom dashboards. I'm sure many people could care less about this however.

    These threads might be of interest:
  • pat 0 Points
    Thx... Think I'm going to get the 3590. Thanks for your help sir
  • Boyd 2028 Points
    My pleasure. :)
  • Kyuzo 0 Points
    On the TomTom front I have both and XL (4" screen) and a new GO Live 1535M (5" screen).

    The XL has been great. However, after an major update last evening, I entered a route for my sister to travel tonight, and instead of showing the route, up popped a screen concerning FCC compliance. I'm having serious doubts about TomTom.

    To be quite frank, I do not like the GO. Mine is prone to freezing up, gets confused en route, the MyTomTom PC interface is terrible (I had yet another "ghost" update today- MyTomTom says update is available, log in and the system tells you you're up to date and that there are no updates!). I paid for Services ($60 for a year) only to have non-functioning Fuel Prices, and today the HD Traffic did not work at all on the journey to work, it finally came on in the parking lot as I was getting ready to head home. If Tweeting your location is important I suppose the GO is your guy... TomTom's answer to every problem is "Soft Reset"!

    When it does work, it's a great unit. With the Services, you can look up whatever ticked off customers have to say about a hotel, eatery, or business on Yelp, Xpedia or other review sites.

    The point I'm making is that if your mulling over a new TomTom, it would be great to borrow one from a friend and try it out before you sink money into it, literally!

    The GO is my last TomTom. Hope this has been any help!
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