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Can the 2013 Nuvi's send routes TO basecamp?

This just came up in a FAQ I posted elsewhere. Garmin says the new models can actually export routes created in the Trip Planner. Has anyone tried this? Does it appear in the Trip Planner in Basecamp? Or as a route imported from the current.gpx file?

Not that I really care myself, but I haven't seen this discussed elsewhere and it made me curious. :)
The RV 760, nuvi 2407, 2408, 2507, 2508, 2707, 2708, 3507, and 3508 series devices can send routes created using Trip Planner to BaseCamp
The quote above comes from footnote #1 in the following Garmin Support FAQ:{65814150-50b3-11dc-4ec8-000000000000}


  • t923347 532 Points
    Didn't know you could do this but I just tried it on my 3597 and the "Receive From Device" menu item in Basecamp does indeed transfer Trip Planner trips from the Nuvi, along with the normal items like Saved Places and Tracks.

    They appear as a SINGLE New List, named the Date and Time of the transfer, in the My Collections area in Basecamp. When you click on the entry the components appear in the list along the lower half of the column left of the map and the Trips are at the bottom of that list, after the list of saved places.
  • t923347 532 Points
    Here is how the Receive From Device entry downloaded from the Nuvi appears in Basecamp:


    And this is how the Trips that were downloaded to Basecamp in the above file appear:

  • popej 57 Points
    This is great. It took Garmin only 3 years to get bi-directional transfer of data. Now they only need to make trips usable for navigation ;)
  • Boyd 2002 Points
    Thanks for checking Rick. Better late than never? :lol:
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