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USB power sources for TN765

newone 0 Points
edited November -1 in Motorola MotoNav
The aftermarket USB power sources are designed for other applications (iPhone, etc.). They cannot charge my Motonav fast enough and battery dies while charging. I have found the ususal USB sources provide 700mA, some are rated at 100mA (or 1A), but these are not good enough. Then, I bought a charger with USB outlet of 2.1A (as the sticker says). Unfortunately, it is still slow to charge the batteries. Any ideas from anyone?

The past incident:

It started with a long story. After my accident, I had to tow my car . My friend trying to help me, pulled the power cord the wrong way and it snapped. (Now there is how to here to put that thing back in this forum, alas! too late for me).

Few days later, I lost the factory mount. Now, I have to depend on aftermarket mount and USB to power the GPS.

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