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Best GPS for me?

riahc3 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations

I currently have a old TomTom which still works but is largely outdated and I cannot updated it for free so Im looking for a new one.

Mostly I want it to be able to have free map and radar updates forever which is what I mostly miss from this TomTom.

This will be for Spain and will be simply state navigation although navigating thru the whole country (and Europe, as France is right next to where I live) will be nice.

Ive seen some that can do voice commands such as the 3597LMT which I think is REALLY helpful when you start driving and GPS lock isnt on yet.

Another feature I like, is being able to connect to my smartphone via Bluetooth or/and wifi with a data plan and auto update itself.

Other than that, I dont want ANYTHING else from this GPS. No MP3, no hands free, nothing else that I can think of.

Thank you
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