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Tutorial How-To Make & Load Free Topo Mps On Magellan Tr

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How & Where to Get and Make Free Topo Maps for the Magellan Triton 1500-2000

First go here. Free Maps Topos.

Pick your state, and download a map, it will be a tiff format.
Extract the image, zip file to desktop.

Downlad RPM Maker Here.

Get Triton RPMHelper Here.

Downlad both.
and Installed Triton RPMHelper.
RPM Maker is just an EXE it runs with out install. (Think thats right)

How to create a RMP Map for Magellan Triton 1500-2000

(1) First Launch TritonRMP Helper.

(2) Next click the big box to the top right labeled Geographic/WGS84 it will open.

(3)Then select you tiff. Click open, it will then take a couple seconds to load.
A message box will pop up and say, GeoTiff Reprojected to Geographic/WGS/84, and Calibration data extracted.

(4) Click OK.

Next you'll notice it has input the size of the image right middle.
Width & Height & 1.0 Rescale Factor?

(That's still a puzzle, unless it's to resize the maps to map more maps at various zooms for triton.
Will get down to that latter, after I figure it out) Latter!!!

(5) Next click the box in lower right,
Get Triton RMP Calibration Data.
Notice it filled in the X & Y (Vectors)???
Also it filled in the Lat & Long for Point 1 ( Corner) Also Point 2(Corner) of the map, And it extracted to the desktop Alignment data to input into rmp maker.
Exit TritonRMP Helper.

(6) Now Launch RMPMaker, And select File, Maps, Import Maps.
(7) Select the GMAP File on your desktop.
You will notice in rmpmaker, it has automatically input your Lat & Long in for Red And Blue Alignment Points.
(8) Now at the top of RMP Maker click Create RMP.

Name The File "Home", or what ever/location, And click Select.
A progress bar will progress across the bottom right indicating it's doing it's thing give it time.
When it finishes the bar should disappear.

You now have a file new file on your desktop called what ever you named it followed by .rmp (Mine is around 50MB)

(9) Now all you do is make sure you have a formatted SD card, and then copy the what ever name .rmp file to your SD card.

(10) Pop that into Triton, and Go to maps and select your new map, it should now have over layed the base map with your new topo and should be aligned to your Location, or Home. (mine Was Perfect)

P'S you may need to keep your files sorted out on your desktop so you know which ones you need next. I'll try to improve on it, with diffrent zooms for the maps and maybe make a video showing how to do it.


  • To make your Topo zoomable, in your triton, make the first map like above. then do the steps all over again but before step (5) change the rescale factor from (1.0) to 4.0, and then finish all steps.

    Next do the same thing again, but before step (5) change the rescale factor to 8.0, then complete the rest of the steps.

    And one more time, before step (5) change the rescale factor to 16.0 then finish the rest of the steps.

    When done you'll have four maps to import into RMP Maker, import one at a time, till you have all 4. The box in top right corner of RPM Maker will show 4 maps. Next Click on Create RMP. And give it time to finish.

    Now pop this new map on your triton sd card and it will be nice, and zoomable. You'll have to go back in and select your new map in the triton.

    If this has been any help, or if you still can figure it out. I'll make a video. And post it on youtube of the whole process. Just let me know.

    Now I can expand my map, and you can to by just adding more maps around this/your area. Through the same process. I'd rather do it this way than try to make one huge map, but I may give that a try next who knows. But for now I'm very happy to just have a good topo on my triton.
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