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Better Background Map? Triton 2000

archaic 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Handheld Forum
Anyone know where, or how to get a better raod map on this unit? Like to get one for USA Free if possible, I'd hate to have and make one, or spend out any more. Because I went ahead and bought the Nat Geo Topo, & Digital Globe, but this base map sucks. :lol:


  • I bought a sub to Nat Geo, and Dig Globe. Plus I found a real nice package program that can do any map you want free and easy. But my paid sub is awesome.
  • There is a free program called MOBAC.
    With this program you can download a piece of some on-line maps at desired zoom level(s) and create a raster map for Magellan Triton and Explorist x10 devices.

    And there is a link to additional map sources for MOBAC

    NOTE: Do not try to create a big maps! It will increase a traffic load for map servers.
    And do not create maps bigger than 18000x18000 pixels. Big maps created by MOBAC may not work at Magellan devices.
    Do not create multy-zoom-level maps with all zoom layers. Use only several zoom levels. For example z11, z13,, z15.
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