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Magellan 510 Audio Recording

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My project is to create a depth contour map of my favorite lake where I go camping.

method is to paddle my canoe around [well actually it is solar powered] with my fish finder telling me the depth.

so as I pass from say 10 feet to 15 feet I do a voice message to say "15 feet".

first problem is Google Earth does no deal automatically with these voice messages so it is a long job to mark the points manually from the lat-long figures saved from the 510.

so all was going OK but slowly until I got to message #29 [of some 50] and it said "can not load the info".

I tried deleting the first 28 but seems problem is in the recording phase as that did not solve problem.

so I am thinking now a better method would be to use waypoints and SPECIFICALLY do one depth at a time, eg do a batch at 15 feet and import them to Google Earth [which can automatically plot a waypoint] and then go back and plot 20 feet points.

more time on water but lots less on PC

anyone got any ideas on this?


  • I have done a further experiment using waypoints and it is far better

    1. you can assign the top button to record a waypoint so each point is a single click and no need to even look at the screen

    2. you can open them in Googlearth and they are located and numbered exactly as you recorded, so all I need to do is remember say waypoints 1 to 20 are at 20 feet and 21 to 40 are at at 30 feet etc.

    it is far easier to do than using sound recordings
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