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need gps suggestion

brinley hocutt 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
NEED recommendation for a GPS. I have about 500 acres of farm land. However I have a hard time of ascertaining where the boundary lines are. What would be a good gps that would indicate to me if I have cross the boundary line of my farm. All 500 acres are planted in trees and when I'm working on the farm I can not tell if I have gone over into another person's land. any suggestions would be a great help...


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    Consumer devices are only accurate within about +/- 5 meters (16 feet). Is that good enough for you? You will also have the problem of correctly mapping your property and getting the data into your GPS - this is not so easy either, and you can introduce additional errors in the process. So generally speaking, your position in relation to your property line could easily be wrong by about 30 feet.

    Assuming that you can deal with all this, it won't matter a lot which GPS you get. Consumer models sell in the range of about $150 to $600. The more expensive ones have lots of "bells and whistles" but aren't really any more accurate than the cheap ones.

    Professional devices are more accurate but cost several thousand dollars and use software that was designed for surveyors and engineers and isn't user-friendly.
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