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sometimes Magellan 3045-LM sends wrong directions

retiredat44 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
sometimes Magellan 3045-LM sends wrong directions. I know that Highway 22 out of Salem runs East and West, and when I want to go East, it tells me to go west. I know that West is totally wrong, but it says go West. What the is wrong with it? Why does it give bogus directions often?

example, I have an address that is east of Salem, Or. Off 22. About 12 miles East of I-5. When we tell it we want to go there, it sends us West on 22, while in Salem. Why does it think we want to go West? It does not matter how the address is entered,, by one touch,, by address in phonebook, etc.. it still tries sending directions saying go West!



  • ok, a couple months ago, there were absolutely no updates, now there is a bunch of update stuff. so I ran all the updates.. I hope it's not so damned buggy any longer!
  • even with the latest updates, patches, etc, it still screws up sending us West, instead of East from Salem... total B.S.!
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