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GO 6000

Ramaprem 112 Points
edited November -1 in TomTom Car Forum
I'm thinking about getting the GO 6000.
I don't see any mention in the owner's manual regarding "voice control".

Does this brand-new, top-of-the-line model really not have this feature? At any level of voice input?


  • dhn 336 Points
    That model is not available in North America. I'd expect you'll get more information in the following forum in TomTom's user discussion forum:
  • Thank you.

    I have 2 devices:
    TT GO 930 - my first satnav
    Garmin 3590.

    The 930 has voice input only for entering an address. I have never used it.
    The 3590 has "full" voice control. I won't say that the absence of it is a deal-breaker - but it is pretty neat to have.

    I will check out the forum suggested.
    My strong guess is that it has no voice input capabilities, since none is mentioned for any action.
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