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Maestro 3100 Unbrick/Update files?

tcweir 0 Points
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Hi -

First let me say, I know this unit is ancient! Magellan assured me of this also via email and they'd like to sell me a new unit...

Secondly, I just got this unit at a thrift store ($5), and I have NO BACKUPS AT ALL of what was on it.

In any case the story is familiar here: My 3100 has had all files deleted from the internal "drive", in my case 100% my stupidity as I mistook the internal drive for an SD card I had inserted in the unit and manually deleted & formatted the TFAT volume.

Oddly (it seems) I can still view the TFAT & SD volumes after rebooting the 3100, but of course it doesn't work beyond that.

So, here's the deal: I have read several threads here on unbricking it, and I probably don't need technical assistance there, but I cannot download the update file(s) from Magellan.

I have tried multiple times, with 2 different XP machines, Firefox, IE, 2 different Linux machines using 2 different browsers, and the result is the same in all cases - the file transfer stops, generally between 100MB and 140MB, and claims to be finished. The final file size varies, but is nowhere near the 896MB it should be, and cannot be unzipped (of course).

Any thoughts on where I might locate a downloadable copy of this file, or alternatively, can everyone but me download this with no trouble? The official location is:

Hoped to maybe find a torrent file but no luck so far.

I also see reference here and there to a small "recovery files" zip which (once) was available from Magellan's FTP site... anyone have that floating around still? I know it wouldn't get me back to full functionality, but might make me feel a little better :-P

Thanks in advance for any replies!


  • alanb 556 Points
    I don't know anything about Magellan GPS's, but I did try your download link. I was able to download and unzip the file (Windows Vista / IE) with no problems. It took about 7 minutes and was 895 MB. So your download issues must be in your computer or Internet connection.
  • Thanks, I'll investigate in that direction. Oddly, I don't have that problem with other files, even large ones... but it could still be a router issue I suppose.

    - Tom
  • Well ok, got the file downloaded, apparently it was a Centurylink issue... I swapped out my DSL Modem, they said my line is crap, which I knew, and that it probably wouldn't help, but it did, so go figure.

    So for now, case closed, and thanks for the assist. I will assume I can follow the unbrick instructions found elsewhere!

    - Tom
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