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Read this before buying a Garmin GPS

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Her is the reply I've got from Garmin basically it's a design problem that many people had since 2007 it was raise at that time from many buyer of 37xx series when you save your poi the maximum size of the icon is not visible when your close to your poi even by now their engineer were unable to fix that by a firmware upgrade very serious company what can I say.

They even ignore the issue of the icon mot___ Fu____
You can follow my conversation you will be surprise.

Dear ,

Thank you for contacting Garmin International.
It will be my pleasure to assist you. Please accept our apologies for your inconvenience.

I don't have a date on when or if the issue of the icon. Unfortunately no rebate will be
available for your issue.

Thank you.

Please reply for further assistance, if the issue has not been resolved.
We thank you for choosing Garmin!

With Best Regards,
Customer Care - Automotive Team
Garmin International
913-440-8280 (fax) Att: Terry 5748

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>> Subject: Too small icon 24x24 8 bit
>> Sent: 09/25/2013 18:56 PM
>>Too small icon 24x24 8 bit submitted from a form.
Escalation from KANA On Demand Self Service
Subject: Too small icon 24x24 8 bit
>> Message: I complain about this issue since I bought the unit should be solved by now with a firmware fix from your engineer the icon is so small that I can barely see it when I have the unit in my hand it's a must thing when you drive When the fix is coming and if not I want a big rebate for a future unit that it will work. Lots of people are complaining on the web it's not a fare play from you guys put that unit on the market and telling people that their will be a fix 6 years later. A unhappy camper!
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Knowledgebase: garmin
Market Name: On the Road
Product Group: nuvi 3700 Series
Product: nuvi 3790T
Serial Number: 23h000xxx
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Email Address: claav

Country: Canada


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