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Navigon Map Updates Calling it Quits?

mkazemba 0 Points
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I got an email from Garmin the other day that they are stopping the Navigon map updates and they offered me a refund for the unused portion of my update card. Has anyone else gotten this? What to do? Does anyone happen to know if US updates might still be available through Navigon in Germany or Europe in general? Any other ideas for how to keep updates going? I cherish my Navigon device and hate to see this happen. I have the Navigon 7200T. Best device out there even though it is of 2008 vintage.


  • Dinosaur indeed. If you own a smartphone, Navigon app is pretty inexpensive at $50-80 with free map updates, comparing to 7200T that was priced around $200. You can use it with or without the data, since maps are downloadable via WiFi.
  • Thanks for the info. My smart phone screen is smaller (iPhone 5), so it is not ideal for me. I will keep using the 7200T until it either stops working or the road maps become obsolete. Good to know I can fall back on the smartphone when the time comes.
  • Not a huge difference between the screens of the iphone and 7200t. Only 0.3 inches.
  • I honestly don't like the layout on iphone and Android compared to the stand alone units. Wish they would have kept it exactly the same. A few differences I don't like. Plus, I'd rather have a standalone unit to keep my phone completely free for other things. Oh well, it is what it is. This was inevitable. A shame since I liked Navigon so much better than its competitors.
  • I find Navigon to be the best gps service for me ( iPhone ). When put into landscape mode the layout is pretty nice. Some things are still difficult to read but still quite useable. It's always possible to use an older phone ( if you've upgraded to a new one ) as a dedicated gps. Even without a cell plan you can download the maps over wifi and follow your routes. The only downside is that you won't get active traffic updates along the route without cell service. Also there is always an iPad mini if you want a larger display!
  • Tim 1500 Points
    Even without a cell plan you can download the maps over wifi and follow your routes.
    Although reception will be very difficult if it doesn't have a data plan.
  • I just use my current phone for gps, but I thought since the maps were preloaded and if you entered the destination while on wifi you would get a traffic aware route. And you can at least follow the preset route, although I'd probably want at least a minimum data plan if I weren't using my current phone.
  • Tim 1500 Points
    The GPS chipsets in mobile phones are very week to preserve battery life. However with a data connection that isn't a huge issue as the GPS chip can get hints from the cellular network allowing it to continue finding your location without using a ton of power. Without that cellular connection the GPS will not have those hints and since it is a low power chip will have difficulty finding your location.
  • I'm wondering since all the cars either come with or have a nav option and with most cell phones having a gps option how viable are the stand alone units. I used to use a TomTom 920/930 but haven't for a couple of years now, I use my iPhone, the Apple maps version launches and finds me far quicker than even the Navigon app and certainly faster than those TomToms. My iPad also has a data plan so that would be an option for me albeit a rather large option. But an iPad mini with a data plan would be reasonable as well as non-Apple versions.

    I just find the convenience of having one device that is easy to remove from the vehicle to prevent theft as well as the efficiency of the available apps to far outweigh any drawbacks. And many Android devices have larger screens as the next iPhone may according to rumors. My current car doesn't have gps and I don't know that I would pay extra for the option unless it was already on the vehicle.
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