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Can't hear GPS voice in convertible

Bobby Dipole 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Discussions
I can't hear the voice directions (over the road noise) from the built-in speaker of my Tomtom GO720. I don't know if all convertibles have this problem, but my little British roadster does. I have worked around this problem by patching the headphone output on the GPS to the AUX input on my radio. This has worked out great.

I would like to upgrade to a new GPS unit (mostly for the lifetime maps), but I can't find a new model that has an audio output for the voice directions. My radio supports both analog AUX and Bluetooth inputs. Can any of new models connect to my radio (other than the ultra expensive motorcycle units)?

Bobby Dipole


  • patruns 10 Points
    I thought finding an answer would be as easy as just looking up specs on the Garmin and TomTom websites. Nope, it is easy to check for Bluetooth availability but all they indicate is BT for hands free calling. Nothing about routing through a car stereo. Have you considered a smartphone with a reasonably sized screen?
  • dhn 335 Points
    Under sound settings, try to UNcheck the Link volume to noise level in Volume preferences. Also, set volume to 100%
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    AFAIK, none of the current Garmin automotive units (Nuvi series) have either an audio output jack or bluetooth audio. Bluetooth is only for hands free calling.

    The Garmin Zumo series (for motorcycles) has this feature, but they are expensive. The Garmin Montana has an audio output jack, but it's also expensive.
  • if you can open up the unit, find the speaker, attach to the pos/neg pins you add a BT or ext jack, and done.

    nuvies are LOUD
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