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Garmin or TomTom for city use in pedestrian mode

lambada 0 Points
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I'm after a device that I'll use to explore cities on foot. Ideally it would come with world maps and free lifetime updates. Was going for the Garmin Oregon 600 but I just learned that it doesn't support 'enhanced pedestrian mode' with cityXplorer maps.

Any recommendations?


  • Boyd 1999 Points
    CityXplorer support has been dropped from the 2013 Nuvi models, so they are all out. I would say either the Nuvi 3760 or 3450. The hardware appears to be the same but actually the 3450 is the newer version. The 3790 and 3490 are also the same hardware but include bluetooth and traffic receivers that you shouldn't need.

    These are very sllm and look like a smartphone. I used my 3790 on foot in New York City for awhile and it worked well. Battery life will be an issue with any of the Nuvi series, but these models have instant sleep/wake that makes it easy to click the device off when you aren't actually looking at it.

    They will not have world maps, just maps of your part of the world (Europe, North America, etc) I don't think any device actually covers the whole world (although I think TomTom has a model with a lot of countries).

    But really, I gave up on using a dedicated GPS on foot in the city. A smartphone is much, much better. My iPhone quickly locates me in New York, even where there are big buildings that are a problem for dedicated units. Phones use a combination of GPS, wifi and cell signals to locate you, and that can be quite accurate in a downtown urban area. My approximate position was even showing in the basement of a department store in NY this summer. :)

    I'd seriously consider getting a smartphone if this is your main gps need. Also, with Garmin discontinuing the advanced pedestrian mode (and never supporting it at all on their handhelds), I wonder how often they will update the CityXplorer maps and whether they will even continue to sell them?
  • Is the Nuvi 3450 more suitable for my needs than the Oregon 600? The Oregon has a much longer battery life and seemingly a better screen for outdoor use too.

    Do you have much trouble using your iPhone as a GPS navigator in bright sunlight?
  • Boyd 1999 Points
    The Oregon and Nuvi are vastly different in almost every respect. You really should go to a store where you can see and hold them in your hand. The Oregon is much, much larger and heavier than the Nuvi. The nuvi is very light and thin and easily fits in a shirt pocket. You would probably want to clip the Oregon to your belt.

    Oregon will probably be more expensive as well. It would be a great choice for *hiking* in the woods. I would find it too awkward in the city personally.

    No problem with the screen on my iPhone 4. Usually you can shade it somehow. The oregon screen is transreflective though, so it's probably better in direct sun. I had an old Oregon and currently have a Montana. But the 650 has a different screen and I've never seen one in person.
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